Note: This page is under construction

Welcome to my [incr Tcl] tutorial. The text is based on the Smalltalk Express tutorial. Many thanks to the copyright owners Digitalk, ParcPlace, Cincom to free Smalltalk Express.

To run the tutorial you need the Tcl/Tk and [incr Tcl] software on your computer. If you run Linux, this should be already installed. If you run MS-Windows, the easiest way to get [incr Tcl] is to download the ActiveTcl binary from the ActiveState web page.  To ActiveTcl

If you want to debug [incr Tcl] you can use an old version of TclPro that is free. Use TclPro-Suse for x86 Linux. To TclPro 1.5

At the moment only some parts of some chapters are converted from Smalltalk to [incr Tcl].

Chapter 3 Classes
Chapter 6 Inheritance
Chapter 7 Collections

Advantages of [incr Tcl] over Smalltalk