New Smalltalk Programming Environment Free on the Web

Smalltalk Express Designed to Meet Demand for Entry-Level Object-Oriented Programming Environment

Anaheim, CA, -- September 10, 1996 - ObjectShare, a division of leading client/server/web tools vendor ParcPlace-Digitalk (NASDAQ: PARQ), today announced the free availability of a new entry-level object-oriented programming environment. The new product, called Smalltalk Express, is designed to introduce developers to the power of object-oriented programming and the Smalltalk language. Coming on the heels of the Company's very successful introduction of its Parts for Java visual toolkit, Smalltalk Express promises to make ObjectShare a primary source for entry into the object-oriented community.

"Those of us who know and love this language have always felt bad that there wasn't a commercial grade Smalltalk freely available for self-motivated developers to learn and use," noted Ward Cunningham of Cunningham & Cunningham. "ParcPlace-Digitalk has done us, the developer community, and probably even themselves a tremendous service by assembling this market proven combination of products and giving it away on the net."

Smalltalk Express is based on the 16-bit version of Smalltalk/V Windows 2.0 and the WindowBuilder Pro 1.01 graphic user interface development system. It is a complete Smalltalk development system for use on Windows 95 or Windows 3.1, and contains all the documentation, sample programs, and step-by-step tutorials necessary for developers to build working client/server applications.

More importantly, the clear language, simplified design and powerful interactive environment makes it easier to learn object-oriented programming than with other languages (C++, Java, etc.), or even full-featured Smalltalk environments.

Because of the portable nature of the Smalltalk language, users of Smalltalk Express will be able to easily migrate to more powerful Smalltalk tools, such as those from ParcPlace and others. Direct support for Smalltalk Express will not be provided by ObjectShare, but the Company is encouraging peer internet support from the growing community of Smalltalk programmers and educators who already contribute to the expansion of object-oriented programming.

Pricing and Availability
Smalltalk Express will be available on Monday, September 16th for free download from Objectshare's web site at Electronic documentation is also included (in either HTML or Adobe Acrobat format).

To obtain more information, go to or send e-mail to ObjectShare, 3160 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 205, Santa Clara, California 95054-2408.

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